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Who we are

Who we are:

We are a manufacturer and an importer. This enables us to provide our customers with blends carefully selected from various countries as well as the ability to create custom blends on premise. 

We offer a large selection of blends such as flavoured black teas, flavoured green teas, herbal and fruit tisanes and more. 

Our quality black, oolong, white and green teas are carefully selected from each country of origin and we have a wide variety of Organic and Herbal teas available which are made with products that are obtained at prime crop cultivation.

Tea Affair sells teas worldwide and trades tea as a commodity.

Tea affair is happy to offer services such as: 
creative packaging, custom blending and start-up consultation.

Accessories Our international network enables us to source the latest designs and trends in the market.

Changing with time - Tea Affair is adaptable to different market trends thus our blends and accessories are updated each year. 

Our tasters keep many factors in mind with such a large variety of teas on offer. Some of our criteria are appeal to consumers, market trends and development. 

Art of tea
Developing new products is our passion so we have added many new teas and blends to our selection in this catalogue. You will also note additional categories keeping you up to date with market trends. 

Long-term lookout
Tea Affair will be developing new tea accessories in the upcoming year, which will be offered exclusively through our company. Our accessories will bear our logo "Tea Trends" in the very near future.


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